Global Warming?!

Save the Earth.

Been seeing that ad on tv, about the vote. 60 minutes of switching off lights. And VOTE for Earth. Stop Global Warming. All to to save our precious Earth. Pretty noble if you ask me, not that anybody asked. No power consumption for at least an hour. Maybe some group of people thought an hour without lights. will prolong Earth’s life, maybe lessen our by-products and pollute the place. And who knows? Maybe they are right to be scared of killing Earth slowly by our mere existence. Why not go all the way? Why not ask the power company to just cut the power off for one full hour? One full hour of complete powerlessness.

That would be bliss.

No radio. No tv. No booming videoke machines with their perya music. No airconditioning in malls. No cinema will show movies. No popcorn will be cooked. Hotels and motels and hostels and casinos would have to settle for no business for an hour. Cafes masquerading as internet shops will be closed for an hour, gamers will be scratching their butts, wondering how long their mayhem would have to be held in check. No fake coffee will be brewed in those snotty coffee shops, while WiFi is down. Employees can stop pretending to work, specially those work in government offices. They’d be pissed at not being able to browse Amazon or porn sites, play solitaire or look up NBA stats.

Sixty minutes of pure bliss, just because no one would dare do something strennuous to avoid sweating like a pig.

And we can go further. Those machines and gadgets that run on batteries must be turned off. Engines had to be choked. Mobile phones should be turned off so that nobody can ‘ring’ anyone before sending sms. MP3s and iPods and MP4 players will be powerless. Hospitals would have to hire people to fan patients, and manually operate respirators.  Beauty clinics will have to hold all their liposuction and breast enhancements schedules. Airports will have to ground planes. Delivery rooms will have to settle for referring expectant mothers to komadronas. No surgery for an hour. Everybody will be taking caution not to get figured in an accident fo fear of dying at the ER doors, or worse, to even get there.

Think about it. For 1 hour. Sixty minutes. Three thousand six hundred seconds of utter immobility, silence and inanimacy. How’s that for saving the Earth.


All this to prevent Global Warming.

Al Gore would be proud. Greenpeace would be ecstatic.

But then, has anybody thought of cross referencing data on the subject? Seriously, does anyone have an idea about what is really happenning? If we are the cause of global warming, then volcanoes, terran and sub-terran are just for show? Not to mention tectonic plate movements, solar flares, planetary revolutions, lunar effects and those consistent weather changes can be disregarded as mere whimsical urges of nature.

Nature. The word has been maligned for decades now. Mother Nature. The title itself has been  treated like an aging relative, senile, smelly and just waiting to expire.

We humans are so freaking ARROGANT!

Plankton have more honor in pulfilling their roles as fodder for whales. Dinosaurs, regardless of how much or how little we postulate of knowing about them, perished. Gone. dead after their time is spent here on Earth. We on the other hand, look at ourselves as made in the Image of the Maker, and therefore, mislead to believe that we are the saviors of life here on Earth.



Humans who have successfully committed genocide and mass murders. We who have decimated the Native Americans into near extinction. We who built a church and killed those that pray to a different god and awarded ouselves with the spoils of war. We who take up crusades of protecting animals and creatures who we think are too weak to protect themselves. We who band ourselves together to create human shields just so a big tree can never be another slab of lumber, and afterwards lounge in our beautifully constructed houses, apartments, villas, condos with luscious wood and concrete and steel. Steel we dug from Earth, never thinking of the scar it will leave on her face. And we who have abused electricity, swimming in that false assurance of convenience and instants that come with Power. And now we hypocrites are rallying to switch off our lights for one hour to save Earth.

Mother Earth.

We human life forms are so hung up on prolonging our lives here as if Mother Earth cares whether we survive another war or not. I sit here, typing on my expensive, still-being-paid-for mobile pc, plugged, consuming power, while chickens play in and out the coop which I built, the sun shining, white heat down on our farm, and still say we are arrogant, bastard children of Mother Earth. Global warming is just another crusade, created to rally the feeble minded, the generation that has been raised in convenience, the multitudes honed and tutored with the instant noodle mindset. People tell me not to burn my trash and should instead wait for the government to send garbage trucks to pick up my segregated trash. I burn dry leaves, branches, twigs, plastic wrappings, grabage. What I don’t burn, I bury. What I don’t bury, I let rot and decay. We have power here in the middle of coconut, acacia, jemelina trees. And we also relish the effort and perspiration just to have drinking water regularly by fetching from the stream. My tv is a 21-inch, user-friendly model with a gazillion channels if I decide to hook up with a cable service, and I feel the need to apply for an Internet connection, lest I change my mind and just keep off the grid for the time being. I enjoy technology but abhor the use of plastic to pay for my dues. I smoke, drink occassionally, and yet be humble enough to respect whatever Nature dishes out because me and my family are but minute details, insignificant creatures compared to the workings of Mother Earth.

I will teach my daughters to discern, dissect, analyze whatever crusade may be in fashion for the moment, and let them decide for themselves. My wife and I will tell them to be like photographers, taking images out of context and put them into something new, just to view the subject in a different light. The world is full of knowledge, not just the selective, segregative information we seem to get these days.

The sad part about the story of life is, it always ends in death, sooner or later. I just hope to give my daughters enough moxy to survive before my time to leave Earth comes. And maybe they’ll be better off as cynics than just mindless drones being spoonfed with questionable facts.

Earth will go on, regardless of what we do.

Want to save the Earth? Let Nature do her own thing.
Better yet, do your own research. Try this one for size –

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