Desperate Hours

Caustic Creations016p, originally uploaded by scrEaMing mANgo.

My Papaya plants dwindled in numbers due to the incessant rains a couple of weeks ago. There’s a certain amount of emotion that went with it since it was my first harvest for the new year gone.

Gabi, Linsa and Bungkukan doing fairly well in out land. Munggo, Red Munggo, Malungggay, are blooming. My goat is near term.

So how come I’m feeling a bit unnerved? Is it because of worldwide recession? Is it because my psyche is going through some self-pity and second guessing that I cannot wait for my efforts to9 bear fruit (pun unintended)? Or is it just a simp0le survival instinct I thought long gone?

Thought of asking for help elsewhere, but, I guess when it’s me, nobody believes I need help.

Good thing my wife and daughters always give me enough moxy to go on.


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