Party On, Indios!

I feel like an errant father who left the homestead untended for such a long time. I haven’t actually grasped the intensity of the situation. Well, I knew beforehand that the group has become bigger, but not quite what I imagined.

For those who are still wondering how it got started, here’s my own version – I was actually just a hanger-on with Papadyak, Jobarracuda and Uckhet when they asked me to meet them at Kamalig, a noisy, smoky place in Mandaluyong, to meet Bullish, or Benuch, I can’t remember exactly. But it started as what seemed like a good idea at a the time. I was a noob then, and still is a noob now. But all I can think of was to register a group with a name that is not so conventional. I mean, who would have thought to name themselves Indios, a derogatory remark often used by Spanish friars when they refer to us Pinoys back in the old days. But it really got me going, hyped and salivating. What else can you do at work when your workstation is always at a standstill? Besides, I was smitten with my Sony Ericsson VGA camera then.quadro_diegongtabak
So I created an account in Started the group and named it Flickristasindios, changed the Admins into Ninunos, choosing the old names, Mods to Lakambini and Lakans, and the Members for Lumads. And we were happy about it.

And when the Kamalig got scrapped for a new infrastructure, the guys found Food Channel at the other side of the road. And there I got to meet ManFromManila, AngryLittleBoy, Kamalayan, and forgive my forgetful, twisted mind, the rest of the guys. Yup. Then, it was just a guy thing. You know, I was always slackjawed when these guys are talking shop, comparing gear, disserting styles, etc.

Without being a total ass, I knew I was the only clueless of the lot. My photographic delusions are further inflamed when I got to meet new members just barely a month after we started the group. There you have it, my only credit is I’m the one with time to kill to register the group.

Uckhet, Papadyak, Jobarracuda ( The Grand Old Man of the Indios ) and Bullish really deserve the recognition. All Hail!The Flickristasindios Exhibit

And the party, I was just really enjoying the turnout. The band was great! The food bountiful and the booze flowing like a barrel with a hole at the bottom really gushing.

Er, this was supposed to be a photo group, right? Well, I don’t see the point of explaining that. After two successful outreach programs ( which I failed to appear ) and the upcoming Exhibit at Trinoma, its much better to let the events tell the real story.Ms. Daphne Osena-Paez with Ina and Friend

I’m brushing up on my newfound techniques with the grace of i-mag/photography. For a sophisticated, dedicated photography mag, I’m surprised I could understand what it says! Big thank you to BossNeil, although it racked me silly to think you would have to send my subscription up there in the mountains, ha ha ha! But wait, the downside of being able to understand your magazine has got me tinkering with the controls a bit more, instead of my usual ‘made for web’ tweaks. Darn it, now I have to be serious with my photography. . .

And I got a gift cheque too!

I should really thank you guys, Angge and Ree Joie, Mitschelle, ZoeWee, Andoks,TenParas, Carvin, Buboy, Leon, Dirth, heck it would drive me mad to remember all your names so I’ll stick to the group name – the Indios. Salamat sa inyo! Isang karangalan para sa isang magbubukid na tanggapin ng grupo.

And for those younger lumads, drop the ‘SIR’ guys, I’m just as a bungling 39-year-old  noob, hee-hee!Krispy Kreme @ Trinoma

So, again, I’m here in Trinoma, wonderful place, a fusion of sorts, elements of design evident with Greenbelt and Glorietta packed in a mall here in Quezon City. Enjoying a brew at Krispy Kreme, whose staff are tolerant enough to let me stay and hang around the place. Daphne Osena Opened the Exhibit ( this woman has got no bad angle whatsoever!) with husband Patrick. Whoa!

Still, giddy from this experience , but I’m getting the hang of it.

What do you think? Leave a comment . . .

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