Things That Makes a Mango Scream

Stuff that occupies the mind after fetching 28 gallons of water from the stream and done with all the chores at the farm.

  • Prez Obama is now the main dude. Wonder how Bush feels after his minion fqailed to deliver?
  • I’m getting tired of the word “BONDING”. It’s a lame excuse for using an entirely alien concept to Pinoys who are slowly dipping into oblivion. People should stop using this word whenever they feel profound and want to appear  intelligent.
  • Would you believe my 3-year-old daughter, Iya, bluntly told me to get a job so I could buy her dyabili hamburger?
  • EMO music is lame, whiny and utterly stupid. People who listen to this crap should be hit with a shovel on the rump several times. EMO is not music or fashion. It’s just some promoters delusion of creating a new genre and the bands who sprt the look should be castrated with a spoon.
  • Never have I been so thankful with rain. It’s nature’s way of giving new hope for the land.
  • If we call nature Mother Nature, we should all be ashamed for being her bastard sons and daughters. Why do children often hurt those that raised them?
  • Iya asked ” Ama, taano po ang kaykay (manok) ay maayong lelat ( tsinelas)?” All I could muster for an answer is kasi birds also have no shoes.
  • Radio stations today ought to be singled out for an all-out nuclear assault. I can’t believe Disc Jockeys today dropped so low. And their playlists could use some fattenning up, not just some 10 songs being pl;ayed over and over.
  • I think GMA7 should stop using that “walang kinikilingan, walang pinapanigan” spiel. They are all stuck with the german Moreno-GMA Supershow mentality. Where is your international channel now? The one Mike Enriquez so proudly said was number one only after a few weeks of airing? Aaah-choo! How come there are more ABS-CBN personalities who endores more products everyday? And, pray tell, why put out QTV when all you can see there are mere mirror shows of channel 7? The same load of crap. Except the good choice of anime shows, Ch7 is one big, boring Eat Bulaga channel. Even Connie Sison cannot save Unang Hirit from being utterly uninteresting.
  • Good call putting out those eye popping graphics for ABS-CBN. Well, all networks have their own bullshit to seel. The thing is, amongst all, I can swallow Ch2’s bullshit without batting an eyelash. I still believe they’ve got the best shows and the right mix of sensible and shabby programs. After all, everybody was sitting on their asses and pondering their own crappy programming until ABS resurfaced and showed ’em all how to programming should be. Even AM radio, stood up on its toes when DZMM broke the mold.
  • People who own iPods and iPhones and other hi-tech gadgets should be strapped to a wheel chair and rolled in front of a speeding Joanna-Jesh bus. People, you need to learn how to compress and transfer files to your expensive gadgets. Buy a pc and explore, you high-tech low-lifes!
  • I’m glad to find folks who are as passionate about animation as me here in Bicol.
  • I used to smirk at those who carry laptops. Now looks like I will have to buy my own. Darned electricity up here in Talidong is highly unpredictable. My pc lost it’s video-graphic card to a sudden outtage and power surge.
  • Bird cellphones deserve a medal for being tough. The one I use is only six years old and seems to outclass Nokias.
  • . . . .more next time

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