Simply Beautiful

I recently accepted a sign painting job. It was no big deal since I learned my chops from one of the best shops in Paete, Laguna. Still a decade of not doing serious paint work do add to the anxiety. And look what it turned out. I’m pleased with my work. never mind that on the first day, the paint was nowhere to be found ( my employer supply the paint, I supply the work ). Wanted to work Sunday, but they said there is no work scheduled, so I waited till Monday, and behold, it took half a day just to wait for the paints. Anyway, no roof or covering was set on the platform so I have to stop when rain threatens to whoosh down.

The logo fits with the Copperplate Gothic font used. If I have my say, they better maintain this logo and font combination. The color looks good too!

Now, if only, everybody involved with the project were as reliable. This could have been done, finished within 2 and a half days, if the paint came early or the cover was set up immediately.

Still, I am thinking of doing this where I live now, which is in Bicol.

And, if anybody asks, am I that good?

I’m THAT good. I make this look easy. It’s what I do.

What do you think? Leave a comment . . .

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