Welcome To The Numb

Have you ever wondered . . . . .

  • Why Filipinos whine and gripe about how the cost of living today is so high, but still rides a scooter just to buy a loaf of bread at the nearest corner bakery
  • Ravens and crows, however they are portrayed in movies are very majestic looking birds, specially if you can catch them under the sun with their black feathers gleaming
  • Americans mistook Bruce Springsteen’s Born In The USA song as a nationalistic and positive song
  • How long it takes to render a person unconscious by merely talking bullshit
  • Paetenians are losing their artistic talents by being in politics.
  • The time a drop of sweat travels from your nape to the small of your back is inversely proportional to the swivelling of the industrial electric fan that failed to cool your body in daytime.
  • People who briefly touched a PC keyboard, or an expensive mobile phone, or an automated teller machine have become afraid of honest, manual labor
  • If the forecast temperature for Metro Manila is 32c, it actually is 45c, because you have to add the heat from cars and aircon compressors and human body heat in a concentrated athmosphere such as RCBC Plaza in makati multiplied by the anger and frustration and humiliation the average employe experiences everyday
  • Don’t you have anything better to do than read these senseless ramblings of an unemployed?

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