Has It Been That Long?

“Nothing doing but aging” – George Harrison

neglected too, originally uploaded by scrEaMing mANgo.

I was getting restless.

All this waiting.

All these ideas running around my brain, and not enough disc space to do them.

Heck, soon as my bro told me about a gig painting an outdoor sign, I jumped up and turned my pc off and was about to wield my trusty brush, when I realized, I haven’t done some painting for FIFTEEN YEARS! But it was refreshing to do something that gets you sweaty and dirty and alive. Soon enough, I’m looking at two 3ft x6ft metal outdoor sign for a local grocery chain.

I still got what it takes!

All that’s missing is the youth. Bending and stooping and sitting on your tip toes can be very strennuous for a 39-year-old as I have found out. Even the hands were stiff at first, but after a while, my old mojo went back and did some cool magic. Too bad, I’m just a hired help. But they did ask me about my ideas on how to do the ad next time.

Score one for the old mango!

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