Again, On Smoking . . .

Section 10, Rule III of City Ordinance No. 2002-090, or the Revised Anti-Smoking Ordinance of Makati, mandates the inclusion of compliance to the ordinance as an “additional requirement on the Sanitation Standards of the City Health Department.”

In Makati, and elsewhere, people are prohibited from smoking while in the premises of whatever bar, restaurant, pub or any watering hole people go to connsume volumes and volumes of alcoholic drinks and spirits.

Which is so darned FUTILE, considering that, even with the “health” issues with food, these are useless for people who get shit-faced drunk or are with an alcohol-drowning fetish. It’s pathetic, trying to save people like me from ourselves with prohibiting cigarettes while everything else gets into overdrive. Banning smoking on pubs, bars, and beerjoints won’t prevent food contamination, IT’S WHAT THE ALCOHOL CONTENT IN DRINKS ARE FOR! LET THE ALCOHOL SANITIZE THE FOOD IN MY STOMACH! Please, let me have my own gradual sinking into the abyss that is oblivion, but spare me the moralizing.

Ah, what am I yelling for? No use in screaming at ears that never listen . . .

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